My therapies are all offered to you with the aim to restore your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. To bring you back your physical balance, emotional harmony and awareness of who you are, your qualities, power and strength. For this you can choose from my different therapies. If you are especially attracted to some, so that means, this one is for the start the best for you. Over time the choice of therapies can change, which is totally normal, your body and soul are naturally attracted to the one which can suit you the best at that moment. At the beginning you should maybe need a help of which therapy would be the best, I'm here to give you the best advice, then you will see that, as your spirit and body will start to re-balance, your intuition will increase too, so you will know perfectly if you need the same therapy, another one or if even some.

Counseling - Psychotherapy - Tissue Salts Consultation

Here you have a choice to choose a consultation which will suit you the best.

Counseling - a classic talking therapy, with an individual ( one-to-one ) or a group, two people ( partners, child and parent, ... ), family issues, disharmony, misunderstanding, relationship issues, both personal and business, unresolved matters of the past, and so on.

Energy Psychotherapy - this a talking therapy ( psychotherapy ) with an Energy work through the acupressure points, muscle testing, visualizations, affirmations, which dissolve emotional blocks from the body. The healing progress is much deeper and quicker.

Tissue Salts Consultation - in other words this is a cellular medicine. I can help you to cope with your health issues by a non-invasive, safe way, after finding the inter-cellular imbalance or deficiency in your body. This approach is completely without addiction to it and without side effects, the results of healing are faster. It is recommended for everybody, for babies, pregnant and breastfeeding women too, and also for your pets. It's very beneficial especially for kids diseases.