Seminar 3

                        Tips for Reiki Practitioners

This is one day seminar for practitioners or those whit certificate but with small or no practice at all. On this seminar you get information about deeper work with the energy, how to perceive yourself as a healer, why sometimes we get a feeling that it doesn't work or the results are not so strong or satisfying, we will speak about protection, shielding, cleaning, working with crystals, animals, angels or other archetypes, deeper work with symbols. You will get tips and advices to dive deeper into this wonderful energy to be more helpful to yourself and others.


- Deeper understanding of the role of the healer - Why Do We Get Psychic Attacks? - Methods of grounding, Cord Cutting, Shielding - Reiki Connection - How to re-connect - Cleaning and Clearing methods - Transmutation - Cleansing negative energy - The Use of The Violet Flame - Karma Clearing / Healing the Past - Ho'oponopono - The Magical Words - How To Do a Cleansing Spray - Additional Cleaning and Protection Techniques - Shielding and Protection methods - The Use of Crystals - List of Some Crystals and Their Properties - The Higher Chakras - How to access and connect to the source and higher energies - Aura Scanning: In Person & Distance Scanning - Bonuses - Simplified Self Reiki, Importance of Foot Chakra, Guide to Archangels and Crystals, Healing with Cinnamon, Crystal Water for Healing - How To Make It, Infinity Abundance Grid, Reiki Crystals Grid, 14 Ways to Manifest Money with Reiki, Crystals for Money, 50 Money Affirmations for Your Reiki Box ... and much more.

Price:  € 120.00

Two options of attendance:

Fridays:  5pm - 8pm

Saturdays: 10 am - 1 pm

Included in the price: light refreshment, manual, subsequent support through the group.

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