Hi my Co-Souls,

Hi, I am an ordinary woman, mom, partner, friend, living in Dublin, and my journey until now was a mixture of different experiences, some of them more spiritual then others, some of very normal life situations, but each of them was for some reason. That reasons that I was discovering after every step with understanding, and what more, with even deeper understanding of how this life is so intelligent, so loving and so fun.

I decided to not share here my spiritual experiences like some people do to explain their background of their energy/ spiritual work ( which is completely their choice and right and nothing bad to share it ), just I decided to keep it as my private life and through some experiences I understood that only me can really understand what happened to me and why. So, please forgive me to don't share it with you.

My life until now was, and still is, very rich, and with my never-ending thirst for the answers was partially satisfied, but not completely, I know that I'm still learning and reaching deeper answers, and I know it will never stop.

On a material level, I reached few Certifications and Diplomas in some areas of Naturopathy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Energy work and Quantum physics. And these circumstances led me to some opportunities and they led me to some satisfactions - partially - with the eagerness to understand more, and what is the most important, to put on practice all what I allow to myself to do. Then, step by step, the Magic of Life starts. 

With your permission I would, even if only partially, to show you some parts of this wonderful opportunities which Life offers to us and which are within our reach.

I love you All,


My Qualifications:

Certification in Metamorphic Technique

Certification in Quantum Healing, Level 1 & 2

Usui Reiki Master

Diploma in Biochemic Medicine ( Three years of the Medicine college as a background )

Certification in Counselling

Certification in Energy/ Meridian Psychotherapy

Certification in Indian Head Massage

Certification in Colour Therapy ( artistic background for over 25 years )

Over 25 years of experience of analysis through cards/ tarot readings ( angelic, soul, quantum reading )

Channelling ( I don't use it regularly or often for now )

Earlier, 20 years ago, I was working with Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, sometimes with Hands on healing and since my childhood with Work of Intentions.

Still on the journey of learning more about Quantum mechanics, Gemstones and their influence on us, Energy work and its impact to all levels of our life, Nature and all Elements including Herbs, Flowers, and so on.

I would like to share with you all my knowledge which I have, although I am still on the quest of cognition.

Peace and Love,