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Metamorphic Technique

This therapy was discovered by two Doctors in Medicine in 1977. Metamorphic Technique is a unique treatment for releasing unconscious stress. It involves a very gentle touching massage using different circular movements and tapping on a specific areas on hands, feet and head. These specific areas represent a line of the spine with all informations stored in it, including all informations of the prenatal period, the conception and even the past life - if needed, this gentle touch wake up the electromagnetic impulses of the body to find hidden and stored emotions and memories responsible for the issue whether in a mental, physical or emotional plane.

This therapy is very transformational, suitable for everybody from babies to elderly person. It looks at energy patterns that no longer serve you. The energy that was involved in creating old patterns can be released and used to create new patterns. Some clinical researches proved improvement or total healing of Down's syndrome and Autism when applied on babies or children.

The technique is designed to help anyone who feels mentally blocked, emotionally unbalanced, stuck or unable to make a necessary change. People who cannot get rid of long-standing health problems and children with special needs are said to derive particular benefits.

At the start of the very first session is short consultation about the issue ( at the start of each next session will be a short consultation of the process and progress of the last treatment ), then follows treatment itself on the massage table clothes on. 

Treatment itself last 30 minutes and is very pleasant and relaxed. 

After session a light refreshment is provided with a cup of tea and a glass of water to have a time to come back completely ( 15 minutes ), and, if necessary, to share some experiences ( emotional or some flash of memories ) which can occur during treatment. 

A basic of 4 sessions is recommended depending of the level of the issue

Love and Light