Seminar 2

     Law Of Attraction Practically-Abraham's teaching

This seminar is  inspired by the teaching of Abraham and is lasting 5 hours, 10 am - 3 pm, with 1 hour for coffee break.

You've almost certainly heard the expression "You can do anything you put your mind to". Or how about "mind over matter"?

Experts in medicine, sports, business and other fields have long known that the human mind - and the focused use of its powers - can have a tremendous effect on our physical bodies, emotional well-being, financial success, and just about any area of life we can think of. For example, we know that people who perform physically - like athletes and dancers - must first visualize the complex movements and challenging physical feats that their bodies are then able to enact. 

At the start - an example of the Law of Attraction as a "bad day":

With very rare exceptions, everyone has had the experience of a truly "bad day", in which everything seems to be working against them. Perhaps it starts with a spilled cup of coffee in the car on the way to work, followed by terrible traffic, difficulty finding a parking spot, a grouchy coworker, a conflict with a customer or client, and several unexpected obstacles to completing our tasks - all before lunch!

Most of us just simply "accept" that we are having a "bad day" and then start to expecting more of the "bad things" before the day is over. Many of us are likely to start verbalizing this conclusion to our co-workers. "I'm having a bad day", we'll say. And then when the boss asks us to stay late for an unscheduled meeting, we'll add it to our list of evidence to support our conclusion. The story continue when we get home, we continue to complaint by describing all bad things, remembering every instance of bad luck, and nodding as our companions validate our assessment of it as a "bad" one. And while this venting may feel like a relief, we don't really feel much better, because as long as we are still paying attention to the unpleasant aspects of this day, we are keeping those unpleasant feelings alive and active.

While almost everyone will experience at least one day similar to the one described above, not many people understand that this is a classic illustration of the Law of Attraction at work in our lives.

The Law of Attraction, simply put, is the phenomenon of "like attracting like", and it applies to how we think, in every moment of every day, no matter what is happening to us or around us.

This isn't to say that you are consciously causing the specific circumstances that are plaguing you on a "bad day" - the spilled coffee was truly an accident, and you certainly weren't expecting to have to stay at work after hours.

However, when you focus on the spilled coffee, allowing to cause you frustration and other negative feelings, you are opening up an invisible door to let in more circumstances that will feed that negativity.

Perhaps the most important thing to realize about the Law of Attraction is that it is at work all the time, in every aspect of your life, without exception, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

However, it is not easy or automatic to just stop thinking negative thoughts. This shift is a difficult one to make for most people, and especially for those who are dealing with major challenges, such as severe health issues, mounting financial problems, or a job that makes them miserable on a daily basis. Constantly facing circumstances that feel negative, it can seem impossible to come up with anything truly positive to think about.

But no matter what your life may be like today, you can choose, right now, to start observing the way you respond to what's happening, and be open to making significant changes to your ingrained habits of thought. 


In this 1 day seminar I will help you to realize all things needed for this change, I will show you how to work with them - with yourself, I will explain you how to rise your awareness, which is important for the work with the Law of Attraction, I will explain you deeply what the Law of Attraction really is, and his principles, as well how to apply them to your life, practically, it won't be a seminar about my talking and your listening only, it will be deeply interconnected, that you can feel and finally deeply understand your connection with yourself and the Universe, I will make for you a meditation to connect you with your inner child to clean some negative thoughts and which you can use at home whenever you will need,  I will give you all tools - informative and practical - needed for this big restart of your life. I promise.

It will not be a simple way, it is a process. But the process full of joy.

You will get a manual with all information about the Law of Attraction with the practical "games" as a helping tools for everyday life. But the most important, you will get all my support after this seminar too, in a form of meetings with people on a same journey, where you can meet me personally and ask for any advice you will need afterwards.

What is included - a manual for your later use, refreshment with coffee/ tea, also my personal support afterwards. 

Final note:

You don't need to be "religious" or "spiritual" to believe in and work with the Law of Attraction. But you do have to have an open mind, and accept that what you've been taught about the world and how reality works has come from an incomplete understanding.

It's your choice - and only yours - to live your dreams, because I know you can.

Topics of this seminar:

The Law of Attraction Itself - Why Is It Taking Me So Long To Get What I Want? - Who You Are-Is It Really True You Can Create Your Own Life? - Thoughts And Feelings - The Art Of Allowing - Mastering Thoughts - The Creative Process - Be Aware Of Your Attention! - Magic Time Of The Creation - Emotional Guidance Scale - Ho'Oponopono Cleaning Meditation - Practicing Appreciation - Processes To Improve Your Point Of Attraction

Price:  € 150.00

With Love,  Jana.

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