Seminar 1


            How to use Biochemic Medicine at home.

This seminar is about the connection between our body and ourselves. You don't need to have any medical education, nor to understand the functioning of the body.

It is about the understanding why we get ill and how we can help ourselves to improve our health condition simply, safely and without unnecessary side effects of the chemicals. We will speak about the most common diseases like cold, headaches, infections, back pain, skin irritations, digestive problems, mood swinging, weight control, some addictions, and also about the helpful information concerning more "sophisticated" diseases like Dementia, Diabetes, Asthma and so on.

And don't worry, I will not to tell you to stop seeing your GP or other specialists or to stop to take your prescribed medicaments. Conventional Medicine is doing a great job for us and at this time more and more of Doctors of classic Medicine combine their prescriptions with "medicaments" of Biochemic Medicine which are Tissue or Cell Salts.

These Tissue salts are safe, no addictive and without any side effects, and for anybody - young people, elderly, kids, babies, pregnant and breast feeding woman, even your pets and other animals.

They are safe with any other medicaments, and so they can improve your health condition faster or to stabilize your health on some more comfortable level.

It is worthy to know how to help to our beloved ones quickly and efficiently when some situation is calling for. This seminar is about interesting information, very easy to understand, lasting 2 hours, you will get a manual with some information how to help yourself or your family, friends and so in some kind of health issues, and to live more enjoyable life with improved health.

What is included - a manual for your later use, 20% off for the first consultation.

The choice is yours. Information never kills, but ignorance do. More information we have, more choices is coming to us. And, sincerely, nothing is more precious than our health.

Price:  € 59.00

Be happy, be healthy.


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